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Our Services

Our outstanding skills combined with the creative expertise and an eye for detail, sets Harmony Landscapes apart as a proven leader in landscape gardening and design.

Our landscaping team encompass the skills and dedication to quality to ensure the project is completed on schedule and to above and beyond the satisfaction of the client.

The result of a Harmony Landscapes project is a professional finish that not only complements the design but leaves a lasting impression. And with nearly 40 years experience in the Landscaping Industry, we are more than capable to handle any project.

To view the results of our quality work, attention to detail and superb expertise please visit our Gallery page.


Residential Services

Our experienced team has proven itself as the leaders in residential landscaping. Since 1978 when Harmony Landscapes was first registered we have been the most awarded residential landscape company in Queensland. This is the result of our commitment to detail and the fact that our team are highly experienced in all areas of landscape construction.

Our landscaping team encompass the skills and dedication to quality, and ensure the project is completed on schedule and to above and beyond the satisfaction of the client.

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commercial landscape services

Commercial Services

We are an experienced provider of commercial landscaping over our many years in the industry. We can offer you all the advice and support you need to fulfil your commercial landscaping requirements in order to maximise your landscaping potential and create an attractive frame for your commercial premise.

Within our commercial landscaping, we try to blend the landscaping to suit the environment as well as the building/s and commercial area.

We also offer maintenance schedules to help keep your landscaping looking at its premium for the benefit of the client, the building/s, and the commercial space.

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Environmental Services

Environmental landscaping is one of our specialities. Our many years of experience in environmental management in a field that is finally being recognised as an integral part of planning and development, puts us at the forefront of environmental restoration.

We are passionate about our work and are proficient in all aspects of ecological restoration, monitoring and maintenance. After all, we are only looking after this land for our grandchildren.

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civil services

Civil Services

We are passionate about creating and producing infrastructure to suit your civil landscaping needs.

They include such aspects as fencing, pipelines and drainage, retaining and rock walls, entry statements/features, timber structural designs and features, concreting, driveways, pathways, steps, playgrounds, outdoor eating/living areas, street scaping, public parks, and barbecue shelters, just to name a few.

We will help you build a landscaping environment to best enhance your civil space.


Design and Consultancy

Setting us apart is our ability to provide a design and consultancy service to accurately plan any project. We have a creative and practical approach to landscape design which is a result of nearly 40 years of experience.

Good landscape design takes into consideration both the surrounding environment and built forms. It needs to be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable ensuring the end result is balanced and sits comfortably in its environment.

From concept to completion, Harmony Landscapes will deliver for your needs.



Landscape construction is a multi-faceted industry, and our staff encompass a wide variety of outstanding skills which sets us apart from others as we can handle all elements of landscape construction.

Possessing these essential skills gives us the ability to complete any project in-house without having to outsource to subcontractors.

Our passionate team members have a combined experience over 160 years within the industry.