What can Landscaping do for your property?

What can Landscaping do for your property?

Making Sense of it all…

What can Landscaping do for your property?

Landscaping is the icing on your cake! It can completely transform your property, add immediate value, it makes a house a home, plus there are enormous environmental benefits of having a beautiful green space surrounding your home.


What is the difference between hard and soft landscaping?                  

Within landscape design there are 2 main elements, soft landscaping and hard landscaping. Soft landscaping encompasses the living components that change and mature as time goes by. We can incorporate these elements to transform your landscape by soften the more rigid and structural elements of your design. These elements are also easily changed to achieve a more appealing outcome. They include soil, plants, turf, mulch, green walls.

Hard landscaping involves the solid components that are permanent and never change. We can help you add depth and layers to your landscape by incorporating form and structure in your design.

To achieve maximum potential there should be a mix of both soft and hard landscaping. Give us a call so we can help you achieve the perfect landscape for your home.

Do we just do landscaping?

No, we are a company that can help you from conception to completion. Our team encompass a diverse variety of outstanding skills giving us the ability to complete any project in house. They include landscape design, excavation, walls, rockery, entry statements, decking, water features, garden art, plant statements, construction of structures and shelters, screens, pools, pool areas, playgrounds, fencing, paths, steps, paving, outdoor living areas, fire pits, lighting, and function areas to name a few. You are guaranteed that the care and workmanship of your landscaping desires are carried out with the highest of award winning quality and professionalism from our highly skilled, hardworking and dedicated team. Talk to our wonderful and enthusiastic Sunshine Coast landscaping team to see how we can best help you turn your dreams into reality.